Black Ink

Version: 1.5.3 || Release Date: 2012-07-08 || License: Shareware (24.95) Developer: Red Sweater Software | App Owner: dcj

The ultimate crossword solving application for Mac OS X, Black Ink's intuitive interface and advanced puzzle solving tools are a joy for crossword lovers of all ages and skills.

Black Ink connects users with the puzzles they are passionate about. Download new puzzles from the Internet, solve them with an advanced on-screen editor, or print them out for the long weekend away from the office. Black Ink covers all of the puzzle-solver's needs.

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7 Opinions

For the record, I'm someone who marked "bruce" as a troll. If he isn't the author of the vitriol that is he should apply to be an understudy. He's got everything it takes.

Mr. Jalkut seems a fine developer who is constantly trying to improve upon what he has, and he provides excellent support. What more can we ask for as consumers? Sure, I could complain that CS3 doesn't come with a discount off my weekly grocery shopping but, realistically, the price is the price (and I don't think it's too much) and I wish people would either pay the money or walk away...

That said, I feel it's only fair to point out I haven't purchased Black Ink (my opinion of Mr. Jalkut comes from my dealings with him over MarsEdit). And, no, it's not because he's the devil in disguise (it's true, he is, I read it on, nor is it because the software is overpriced that I haven't purchased Black Ink. It's simply because I prefer cryptic crosswords. Which, for the record, I pay about $40 for. Per year.

If you like this program, I say buy it. If you don't like it, or you don't think it's worth the money... be happy you had the opportunity to try something else, rather than bitter that it wasn't everything you dreamt it would be [for the money].

PS. Frak me it's a good splash screen, though. Worth at least $15.

Bruce, you seem to be of the opinion that just because you can't afford to pay $25 ("we're not all dripping with cash"), you think that software should be priced cheaper. That's a preposterous position to take. Would you complain that all blenders should cost $10 because you can't afford $40? Or say good HDTVs should cost $100 because you can't afford $1500? You are not entitled to have software. It's a luxury. The fact of the matter is, if $25 was less profitable than $10, it would cost $10. Being mad that someone is behaving in their own best self interest is ridiculous.

This is a great application and is well worth the price. As far as the "puzzles you can get online for free" argument is concerned, you can get most news online for free, but there is still a market for commercial RSS aggregators like Net News Wire.

Why do people pay for them? Because they find value in them. It consolidates everything in one place and gives you a much nicer user interface than you'd get with a web browser.

I paid the $25 for Black Ink and love it. I recommend this application to anyone interested in doing the NYT crossword or any of the others Black Ink supports from your desktop.

Bruce, If its not worth $25 to you, then don't pay it. But enough with the whining about it. "Affordable" is relative. I don't walk through the Apple store griping about the stuff that's too expensive for my tastes or mock the liquor store owner calling that bottle of scotch a "one trick pony". It's totally ok that you don't find the value that other people do, but don't talk the way you do and then turn around saying that Daniel is putting you down.

Bruce, if it's not worth $25 to you, then I don't expect you to buy it. It's that simple.

Lots of people think it's worth the $25, so they buy it. They see value in it where you don't.

You're right. It is a great app. Here's some reading material for you.
Don't worry, though, he's not talking about you.