Version: 3.3.1 || Release Date: 2009-11-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($9) Developer: BravoBug Software | App Owner: theylive83

It's twilight time for your Mac

A unique screen-dimming and focus aide which helps you concentrate on your work - while saving your eyesight. Blackout provides instant screen dimming without affecting your hardware or gamma settings.

Blackout also provides unique ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Soft Edges’ modes: use the Spotlight mode to have a circle of light follow your cursor, or stay fixed on an important area of your screen. Use the Soft Edges mode to subtly dim the corners of your Mac’s monitor, helping you stay concentrated on what counts.

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2 Opinions

Next time try using the slider at the lower left corner of your screen to adjust the dimming setting.

I thought this was a virus, clicking Ok for the first window. My Mac's screen almost turned pitch black, causing me to squint to see anything. Its recommended to run "sleep 30;killall Blackout" in Terminal. That way, it will quit Blackout within 30 seconds.