Version: 1.7.0 || Release Date: 2011-05-05 || License: Shareware ($9.95) Developer: Apparent Software | App Owner: grayprog

Blast keeps track of the files you’ve been using on your computer and gives you super easy and lightning fast access to them.

Blast is a productivity booster application any Mac user could use to save time by having his files at his fingertips.

Blast keeps track of all the files the user has been recently using on his Mac and provides him with a fast and easy access to them.

With Blast, all these documents are just one click away. The user can access the file list anytime by clicking on the application icon in the menu bar.

Some benefits of using Blast:

  • User doesn’t need to worry about where he just saved a certain file - it’s in his menu bar.
  • User can drag downloaded files directly into any application without opening finder and send email attachments faster.
  • User doesn’t need to search for a document he was reading yesterday. It is in Blast list, one click away.
  • A preview for all the files in the list allows the user to find his file visually just by looking at its icon.
  • A favorites sidebar allows user to save his favorite folders and files to be accessed at any time.
  • The list of recent files is shown even after Blast was closed and Mac was rebooted.

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3 Opinions

Reply from the developers:
Most of these changes were implemented recently: keyboard support, cleaner interface etc.
Give it a try now!

Reply from the developers:
Thanks for your feedback!
We are definitely planning to introduce more keyboard shortcuts and make some changes to the way settings are handled.
We also have lots of other ideas in our development roadmap, so Blast will become much more interesting app soon :-)

First impressions:

- Too mouse-oriented. Needs shortcut to (1) open Blast, as well as for (2) opening items, and also a shortcut or a way to (3) switch over to the items in the favorites sidebar.

To make the app feel cleaner and more standards-compliant, I suggest getting rid of the "Quit Blast" cross icon and instead tuck it in the "Settings" gear icon, which consequently becomes a standard dropdown-menu, including an item for Preferences.

On a personal note, I'm not perfectly getting what's up with the "blast" branding theme. What's there to blast, anyway?

I'm a current Fresh user, and the competition between these two apps is going to be interesting. My evaluation of Blast definitely left great expectations, as I think I'd prefer its status menu-approach and slightly more unobtrusive, minimalistic layout more than Fresh's in-yo-face ditto.