Version: beta2.1 || Release Date: 2009-09-01 || License: Freeware Developer: {13bold} | App Owner: avetenebrae

Bluebird is a clean and simple twitter client, themable and free.

Bluebird is a free application that allows you to tweet, read your friends tweets, replies, direct messages (in a threaded interface), and sports a very simple, yet very powerful, xhtml + css + javascript based theming system.

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I agree with gadz. A menubar item would be great, to keep it always open without the Dock icon.

@ itunesmc:
You'll find quite a few Bluebird themes in the MacThemes website:
Click on "Forum" (on the upper right corner) and then on "Mac Releases".

is there a collection of themes ... maybe we have to wait :-/

I'm not good in CSS ...

what about a menubar-only option? If it's going to stay open always I don't want it in the Dock.

Clean and beauty interface.

However I miss several features like hotkey for show/hide the main window, re-twit, search, more customizable growl option and of course applescriptability.

The only thing I miss is search (and ability to save them), great implementation.

imo the best twitterclient for mac so far :D


And the best part is, it has smileys !! :D :D

Great app, great theme chooser.