Blue Coconut

Version: 1.5 beta 1 || Release Date: 2006-07-10 || License: GPL App Owner: standsolid

Blue Coconut is a tool that allows you to copy music from shared iTunes music libraries in a tight, pretty interface.

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Too bad this program seems to be dead.. Anyone know of another way to copy from shared iTunes libraries?

Won't work in iTunes 7+. Hope for an update

i've tried several times, but for some reason i can never download a song. can anyone help?

It basically downloads any song you choose from someone elses shared music to your own library.
Normally shared music on iTunes can only be played (not saved).
It should simply copy the song across.....which means your song should be identical in bitrate and format to the original song you're listening to.
GREAT little app imo

But this is just capturing the stream, right...?
At what quality level...?

I use this and OurTunes together. OurTunes is great for finding any song that any computer has shared all at once, where Blue Coconut is perfect if you're already connected to the computer via iTunes and just want to get the one song right then.

Interesting! I've always used OurTunes which is written in Java, although this looks like a much nicer package. I'll give it a try. Thanks.