Version: 5.2 || Release Date: 2012-08-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($16.95) Developer: | App Owner: rosstulloch

BlueHarvest allows you to keep your disks and servers free of Mac "dust" by:

* Automatically removing DS_Store files.
* Automatically removing resource forks ("dot underscore" files).
* Automatically removing hidden folders such as ".Trashes" from removable disks.
* Providing simple Control-Click Finder based cleaning of disks, folders and Zip archives.

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3.0 finally works the way I expected it to, so I asked for "Free Updates Only." 4.0 is not a free update...

A nice app if you don't like the 'rubbish' OS X tends to leave on Windows networks. Seems quite efficient.

Watch out for it constantly sneaking up in price though and requiring a paid upgrade every year or so (with a fairly lacklustre upgrade discount this time).

Ever moved .mp3 files to external mp3 player, via USB? And then every second "song" was empty?... Well, been there done that.
Then I discovered BlueHarvest, and it solved all my "littering" problems ;).
Also 13$ was quite little for small, good and working application. So I bought it.
Trial version was usefull, and one can determine how application is working for limited time.

Fantastic app....SOOOO much better than FinderCleaner :-)

@gopherchucks ,
BlueHarvest is useful to not litter CIFS ("Windows") network shares with ._files (I use it exactly only for this purpose). This is often a requirement in office networks.

BTW you are right in advising that removing indiscriminately the ._files could have adverse effects; sometimes resource forks contain useful data.

So, in a nutshell, it's better to use this software only if one knows what he's doing...

Don't want to sound uneducated here, but aren't those ._ files indexes or resources with information about the file?

What comes to mind for me something that's ruined projects for some students I've worked with; they'll be moving between Mac and PC versions of InDesign, and at some point, in their dragging and dropping, leave a .DS_Store or similar file on the PC. When they come back to the Mac, they find their file "locked" as it were. I'm sure for most files it's not an issue, but just thought I'd throw it out there.