Version: 2.2.8 || Release Date: 2010-04-01 || License: Shareware (US $20) Developer: Mira Software, Inc. | App Owner: deandmx

BluePhoneElite is the easiest way to manage your phone via bluetooth on the Mac.

BluePhoneElite is a utility that connects and automates processing and display status information of Bluetooth mobile phones.

Call Features

  • Dial and answer calls from your desktop
  • Log calls with time, duration, caller and notes
  • Display caller ID using your phone's phone book or Apple's Address Book
  • Pause iTunes and DVD Player or set iChat away message when a call is in progress
  • Customize a variety of visual and aural call notifications
  • Export calls to iCal, Address Book or external files
  • Trigger AppleScripts for different call events

SMS Features

  • Send and receive messages using email-style SMS Center or SMS Chat
  • Archive SMS to disk using hierarchical folders
  • Pop-up incoming SMS on-screen
  • Export SMS to iCal, Address Book or external files
  • Trigger AppleScripts for different SMS events

Other Features

  • Proximity detection controls iTunes, iChat, DVD Player and the screen saver
  • Display battery and signal strength, power source and network name in the menu bar
  • Power saving option disconnects phones when power is running low
  • Customizable interface options like dock visibility, menu bar visibility and font sizes
  • Localization: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US, Australian, Canadian & UK), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

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12 Opinions

No longer available. Author has stopped development, support and sales.

This app ROCKS! Im using my macbook as a handsfree device, works great. SMS, calls etc.. works.

No more need to take my phone out of the pocket..

It doesn't work at all with my w850i.

I am usingthis with sony ericsson w850i and its been a treat even in beta!

I downloaded this ages ago, only to find it didn't work with my phone. Now I have a new phone and new versions have been released, but it still finds previous install data from the time-limited demo and won't run. I'm not gonna shell out just to see if it works yet :(

As an update, the new beta supports speakerphone, and has a much cleaner interface! This is especially cool if you have a bluetooth headset, because now you can connect the headset to your computer and use it as though it's connected to your phone -- a huge benefit for our phones that can only connect to one bluetooth device at a time!

The downside, though, is that the beta is currently extremely buggy. My RAZR V3 isn't playing nice with it at all -- but hey, it's just a beta! The more than stable v1 series is still available for people whose phones aren't fully implemented yet.

It's a great product and I'd love it to be a speakerphone as well. This is a problem with the OS X BT stack rather than the software, OS X needs to have a handsfree profile.

I love this app, but i do agree it needs some work on the UI, personally i'd like to see some MMS functionality added and the speaker phone addition would be really cool. It would be nice to have updates done within the software like acquisition does (sorry but ite gets annoying having to quit the app and then install a the update)... These are just minor suggestions but other wise this app is great and it seems to impress windows users, but more than that it's much easier to type something out on you mac than use that damn keypad.

Could do with more regular updates, and a more attractive interface. I, for one, would pay twice the going rate if this thing had the UI elegance of BuddyPop, which unfortunatly seems to choke on text messaging for me.

Also, it's a shame that it takes a workaround (forwarding) to send the same message to multiple recipients.

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