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A Revolutionary Way to Discover Mac Apps

Your corner store for apps

We've all been there - hunting for that one killer app that would make life so much easier. If only it existed. If only we could find it. With Bodega, you don't have to spend your time hunting for software - it's your one-stop for all your software needs.


Quickly find what you want using our powerful search engine. And with Bodega's extensive software catalog, we've got you covered no matter what kind of app you're looking for.


Discover great new software. With Bodega you can easily check out the most-downloaded and top-rated Mac apps from around the Web.


Bodega gives you a place to have your say. You can also check out what's popular with other Bodega users. Bodega's review section let's you find out which programs the Mac community is raving about and which are a wasted download.


Quit updating your applications every time they launch. With Bodega, you can make sure you're running the latest, greatest version of all your programs from one place.

Buy Direct

Bodega let's you buy direct from developers, so you're certain to get the lowest price while making sure your software dollars end up in the pockets of hard-working programmers, not middlemen.

Keep it safe

Bodega includes a save receipt function where you can store all your purchase receipts and serials. No more fumbling around for codes scrawled on the back of envelopes to be lost forever in your Documents folder.

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9 Opinions

Service is discontinued as of Oct 2014 ISTR

Bodega is, although true to it's sworn purpose of being a Mac-App-Store, an easy way for crappy developers to scam the public without anyone seeing...

Of course, I did find quite a few good apps here, I wouldn't suggest wasting your time on Bodega that you can do in five seconds on a blog or article hunt.

@marcus its good for updating, but I'd love a nice delicious monster type view of all my apps, and to be able to organize them on a shelf.

Somewhat stupid maybe, but I think it could be cool :-)

@anamanaman I thought appfresh does that? :)

I like the look of this app. Would be cool to import my iusethis profile. I see where its going as more of an app store type thing, but it would be cool to use it to catalog the apps I currently use.

Delicious Monster for mac apps. Why hasn't someone built this yet?

Yeah I agree with that logic, @bitnix . Bodega causes two problems for me that make it feel 'in the way.' First, the awning isn't really attached to the window, and so the whole thing feels very loose and clumsy when the window gets moved around. Second, and probably more importantly, the awning is wider than the window just for the sake of looking nice. But this, in turn, limits my ability to click-through, to see my windows underneath, etc.

I think that playing with the limits of the Human Interaction Guidelines can be a good thing, and that eye-candy can be practical and often actually help a user out. But in this case, I think it's detrimental to what would otherwise be a pleasant experience.

I'm inclined to both agree and disagree with @brh below. I think, if it adds to the general theme of an application's purpose, it doesn't necessarily have to be wrong to top it off with a little well-designed eye candy on rare occasions, as long as it doesn't interfere with the intended use.

On the contrary, though, if such bonus whistles adds sluggishness to my system, I'd steer clear of it all the same (which is the major reason I almost never use Java applications).

One great example of another app that implements some really non HUD-standard "feats", but all of which goes hand in hand with the whole concept of the app, is Times.

Just to clarify, I was in no way trying to be trollish. Just giving a very honest opinion - the devs tried to do something cute, add some fancy eye-candy. It's nice and all, but in the end it makes for a very un-Mac-like experience. I'd rather an app behave like every other piece of Cocoa on my machine rather than trying to out-beautify them. That's all.

That awning needs to go. It's cute and all, but it's janky… Nonstandard window shapes make me shudder and think of my Windows days when everything was skinned and shaped like some ridiculous real life object. My screen isn't real life, and this Deliciousesque gimmick gets in the way of my use of the software. Also, it seems to just be a bit of hackery, appears to be a second window that follows the main window around. Drag it back and forth really quickly and the awning will seem detached and jittery (again, reminiscent of my Windows days… Or like how everything looks if you turn off Quartz Extreme and offload all window tasks onto the CPU)…

Anyway, it's a pretty solid start for the app… I just hate when this gimmicky eye candy gets in the way of something that's otherwise quite golden.