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Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2008-06-17 || License: Freeware Developer: FireFox | App Owner: daubman

Listed below you will find optimized builds for MacOSX, each for different CPU architectures. Each build is compiled especially to take advantage of the specific features of the listed processor in order to wring the absolute best performance out of Firefox on our Macs.

Naming conventions below are as follows:

* FX- represents a build of the current 1.5.x.x line of code. These will be feature updates of the current stable and will be for general consumption and should be as stable as the official counterparts.
* FX2- represents a build off the 2.x line of source code. These will be progressing toward Firefox 2.0, and should be getting more and more stable until release.
* FX3- represents the cutting edge of Firefox development. These will be sketchy and strange at times, and should be expected to contain some bugs and generally be wacky, however they do showcase the newest features of Firefox and give you a glimpse at the direction Firefox is heading.

The linked app is for the Intel build, see the Homepage for other builds!

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@ awfki:
This a version of Firefox with different builds for Macs with different processors (G3, G4, Intel). See the developer's website for the build that suits your needs.
It's lighter and faster than the official Firefox.

What does it do? I see some release notes but no description of the software.

This is awesome. Thanks Furbism. BonEcho and DeerPark woo! G4 power!

I really like the BeatnikPad builds as theyinclude Firefoxy or semi-Aqua form widgets, but there haven't been any updates since 0.0.8. Thanks to Adam Michel (aka Furbism) for sticking with Firefox for all of this time.

This is NOT a dupe of
I started out using the beatnikpad builds and soon switched to these furbism builds as I had font rendering and crash issues with beatnikpad's.

Please stop reporting it as a dupe...