Bonjour Browser

Version: 1.5.6 || Release Date: 2006-07-17 || License: Freeware App Owner: kballard

Bonjour Browser is a utility that lets you browse all the Bonjour services on your local network and any wide-area bonjour networks you have enabled. Shows full details about any given service, and comes with a list of known service names.

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Although Bonjour Browser could use a little face lift, it's still the only one of these utilities to show text properties for discovered services.

For example, I can use it to find out a lot of stuff about a printer (duplex support, for one) very efficiently.

And for that, Bonjour Browser remains the king of mDNS browsers.

Cool little app that does exactly what it says on the tin. I like using it to find out who owns certain iTunes shared playlists. Often it's as simple as looking up the name of the playlist and then checking their link-local name, since most people don't change it from the default which is their real name. :)

Then proceed to complement these people on their music collections. They will be impressed that you figured it out. Don't tell them you cheated!

Also cool to discover machines running services you had no idea about. Makes for good dinner conversation.

"Hey, I didn't know you ran an SSH server!"
Trust me, I've tried it. Works like a charm.

By host? holy $#@!, that's bad. Like, really bad for the network. It means it's resolving every single service it comes across. There's a reason Bonjour Browser doesn't do that, and it's because that behaviour would be extremely bad for any network of moderate size. If you want an example, imagine Apple's campus network.

Note: this is the author of Bonjour Browser speaking

iStumbler does this and more, and is also free. It allows you to either browse by service (like Bonjour Browser) or by host (like Flame) so you can replace both of those with that one app alone :)