Version: 5.3.8 || Release Date: 2009-11-03 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Sheep Systems | App Owner: sbaishya

Bookdog is the world's premier shepherd and guardian of your bookmarks for the world's premier operating system, Mac OS X. Bookdog can sort, organize, eliminate duplicates, automatically verify, migrate and synchronize bookmarks between Safari, Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb and Opera.

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Currently new version called BookMacster is in beta.

Great idea but incredibly unintuitive.

It's lightning fast and does a great job bridging the gap between different apps' metaphors (i.e., tags in FF3 v Safari folders). It also does a great job finding bum links and fixing them.

The price is wrong here, it's actually 19.95

Like it or not, we're all stuck with the peculiar (IMO) and unintuitive (for me) non-OS X-like interface but the icon is easily changed if you don't like it.

@ nan:
You wrote: "But very ugly/clunky interface!"
And you forgot to mention the application's icon...

Does what it says it will. But very ugly/clunky interface!

Excellent little piece of software. Lets me easily export/import bookmarks between browsers, as well as backup all my bookmarks to Google for safekeeping.

I use Google bookmarks to solve this problem. It's built into the google toolbar. It works on my Mac, my PC, my Linux and FreeBSD boxes. I only use FireFox so I don't know about other browsers although I expect that anywhere google toolbar works, so do google bookmarks. It's free. I suppose you might not want to use it if you think google is an evil corporate overlord.

This is just one great application, a must have for anyone using multiple browsers and wanting everything organized.