Version: 3.7.5 || Release Date: 2008-04-09 || License: Shareware ($12) App Owner: kemar

With all the browsers available for the Mac OS keeping your bookmarks organized can become a real problem. But with Bookit keeping your browsers' bookmarks synchronized is quick and easy. Bookit compares the bookmarks you have and then lets you synchronize the bookmarks that are not in all of your browsers. Finally, Bookit creates identical bookmark files for each browser. If you use more than one browser regularly, give Bookit a try, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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I have contacted the developer by mail and he has sent me a reply saying that BookIt is still under development. He's working on a new version that will be compatible with Firefox 3. (No date yet for its release.)

Abandonware. Don't use. Firefox 3 doesnt work.

Anyone have an alternative?

It used to be a great little tool, but the developer won't update it to work with FireFox 3. He said it would be compatible with FF3 as soon as it released, but that's been months ago. If he hasn't noticed, FF is the second most popular app used by Mac users.

the interface can be confusing, the icon looks old and boring, and personally i think they are charging a bit much for it. I own it, I use it, it works well for me. I use .mac syncing of bookmarks, but that only syncs Safari bookmarks, so I use Bookit to migrate those Safari bookmarks to other browsers that I use more frequently.

Looks nice and works like a snap but does not support migrating bookmark folders.

You can view a free screencast for this at ScreenCasts Online ( One thing to note, with the current version (3.7.1) you have to use .Mac to sync multiple computers.