Version: 5.1.3 || Release Date: 2012-10-29 || License: Shareware (18.00 U.S.) Developer: Bruji | App Owner: farranco

Bookpedia is a book cataloging application. What's on your shelves?

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This is definitely one the most powerful book database app on the mac. Others might look shiny, but this one lets you do more than just look at covers.

You can organize different smart and normal folders, have a decent wish list (try to do that in delicious!). Batch processing of books is really handy: search, select, move to new booklist, done!

Recently I had an issue where books imported from another program didn't work correctly. The developer replied in around ten minutes and provided me with a special build that detected and corrected the problem. That's by far the best support I encountered so far!

I'm only testing this one out against that other program, and while I'm a bit baffled that there are four separate programs here that differ only in (what appears to me at first glance) minor details - I have to say that one feature absolutely blows away that other program. The iSight recognition is leaps and bounds superior - it has worked for me 100% of the time in all light conditions, versus at best 50% for that other program - and that only during the day and with all my lights turned on.

I just miss a direct link (clicking in the cover) to my PDF's.

Great, well-designed software. There are no pauses when scrolling through my large library of ~400 books like in another well-known program. Though the barcode scanning can be a bit funky, I have yet to come across a book that this software couldn't find in one of its databases. Again better than that other library program.

What utterly beautiful software. It's easy and pleasant to use, and it truly adapts to your needs. You can customize it with smart collections and tags and export your information in a variety of formats. There's no steep learning curve because the interface is familiar to any Mac user; if you use iTunes, you'll immediately know your way around Bookpedia. I haven't yet used most of what it can do, but its many features don't get in the way - no bells and whistles hanging all over the place to get between you and your information. Try this and enjoy!

Very slick and reasonably priced. I was going to get Books (freeware) and use it to scan for import to BibDesk, but Bookpedia has built-in BibTex export. And I got a CueCat on ebay for $12 or so. I figure I averaged about a minute a book for the first batch, including looking up the ones with no barcodes and moving the data into BibTex. With a stack of new books (all with barcodes and no used bookstore stickers etc.) it would go much quicker. Worth the price for my needs.

I LOVE this program. I have an extensive book library and people are always borrowing them. Not only am I able to buy/sell books online, but am also able to 'check books' out to my friends.

I looked at Delicious Library, Readerware, and Booxter before I decided on Bookpedia. Besides importing from Amazon, scanning barcodes via iSight, and the ability to hold a bunch of data about a book (which is more or less similar across other applications), I especially liked the implementation of a separate smartlist for borrowed books - makes it much easier for me to keep track of books. Plus, all kinds of statistics about your book reading habits, if you're into that :)

I have lots of books in my shelf for studying, working and entertainment. And I lend out a lot of books. So this is one of my (believe it) most used apps - and I love it. ISBN searching via Amazon comes very handy and makes adding new books to the database very easy. So check out this tool, if you are a book-lover! ;-)