Boom - Volume Booster for Mac and Music

Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2012-11-15 || License: Shareware ($8.99) Developer: Global Delight | App Owner: global_delight

Boom is a volume booster app for your Mac and music

Boom is a simple volume booster that lets you boost the volume of your Mac and your music files.

Using Boom is simple. You know the ways to change the volume of your Mac. Boom provides the same easy access to boost sound.

From the videos on YouTube, Hulu, your favorite music playing on iTunes, to voice applications like Skype, iChat and your favorite Games, Boom can boost them all. Add to that the ability to boost audio files, you have a booming addition to your Mac.

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5 Opinions

Also provides a global equalizer which is useful, as afaik iTunes and Spotify don't include one.

Installer failed when app was in /Applications/ Audio folder. Worked (on the second try) after having moved it to /Applications.
(Version 1.1)

BOOM cpu use is now below 5% which is great. I see no use to turn it off and even recommend the Start at Login option.
I can't listen songs nor watch movies without Boom. Thanks for creating such nice (very useful) software.

The latest update v1.1 reduces the CPU and memory consumption by more than 50%. Moreover, if you keep the Volume Boost and Presets Off, then the app will not use the CPU and memory.

Very useful for increasing the volume in movies and improving the audio (like SRS iWow and VolumeLogic). The only reason I don't keep it running 100% of the time is because it uses cpu @ 18% (constantly) in my Core2duo 2.4 Ghz.