Boot Camp

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-10-26 || License: Commercial with demo (Unknown) App Owner: easyldur

Boot Camp is a MacOS X.5 Leopard feature that manages to install a (licensed) Windows XP or Vista operating system on a Mac computer in a dedicated partition.

A program called Boot Camp Assistant helps in creating a new disk partition on a Mac machine keeping all the data safe. When Windows is installed on that partition, the drivers needed can be found on Leopard DVD.

Boot Camp installs a bootloader to choose the operating system to load. It can be run at startup by pressing ALT button. Boot Camp even provides an automatic PC Key remapping program.

All the drivers Apple provides are Microsoft WHQL-Certified.

This program used to be a public beta before Leopard's final release. Now it continues to work on Tiger systems but can't be downloaded any more from Apple's website nor it is supported on any OS than Leopard.
From early version of Leopard, it seemed that one could perform a system hybernation on both system to fast-switch between the two. Now this feature is not present.

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9 Opinions

It just setups partitions and gives you a cd with drivers, but it does it well. Trashing my windows partition and getting the space back for OSX was done in a pair of seconds. ididn't even have to quit other applications.

I use both Boot Camp (games) and VMWare Fusion to boot off the boot camp partition inside the Mac if I need to access it but aren't playing games. No wasting space with 2 windows installs, it's bad enough I have to put 1 on there.

I tried this setup with Parallels but it completely hosed my Boot Camp partition, requiring a complete reinstall. I have since chucked Parallels and am recommending VMWare Fusion to everyone, it's much better overall (and doesn't do as much voodoo, such as secretly adding network interfaces and depositing kernel extensions all over my OS X install directories and whatnot...)

Straightforward set up and takes care of the partitioning (which could get messy if people don't know what they're doing). Agreed with dino with regard to the interface. It'd be nice if it supported multi-CD versions as well, but it's a minor point considering how quick and simple it is to get things up and running.

I've decided to switch to Parallels, achieves so much more.

Boot Camp is awesome. I particularly like the interface for picking which operating system to boot into. The fact that it's graphical and that you can use the mouse is really nice.

Windows games like Half-Life 2, FEAR, Tribes 2 and Tomb Raider Legends run great in Boot Camp. I'm loving it.

bootcamp is great but getting the drivers for vista is beyond me

Parallels is fun but if you want to play wintel games you will need bootcamp. Until game companies start porting more games over I will need bootcamp even if parallels is an awesome app that does what I need work wise.

Boot Camp is decent but I've come to love Parallels. However, Boot Camp is the place to be if you want to take advantage of presenting XP with both cores.