Version: 2.7.11 || Release Date: 2014-10-10 || License: Shareware ($49.99) App Owner: bishop

Booxter is a library tracking application to track your books, music, movies, and comic books. It supports all the expected features: Amazon (and many other sources) lookups, bar code and iSight scanning, export to HTML and iPod, and Spotlight integration, and a modern MacOS interface. What makes Booxter unique is that it is lightning fast, even with enormous collections, and allows a degree of customization that other similar apps do not.

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Great app for keeping tracks of books (and now CD and DVD). What I particulary appreciate is the reactivity of the developper : bugs have always been fixed very quickly and functionality added upon user request. I strongly recommend it.

It's shareware: 49.95.

Delicious Library gets all the buzz, but Booxter has Library of Congress searching, along with many other search options, and it's fast, stable and comprehensive. I much prefer it.

What I love most about Booxter is that it searches norwegian bookstores and libraries (and other non-english bookstores/libraries). That alone makes it much more useful than Del. library (which I also own).

Cannot export from Booxter to Endnote. Tabbed tex doesnt work in a correct way