Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2009-02-21 || License: Shareware (8,95) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

Cute and Secure Password Wallet

Well - among meetings is the dealing with all these passwords, serials, logins and numbers a big bane of our modern life…

So with Brieftasche (German for Wallet) you can secure store all these numbers and words a more or less ‘normal’ human brain is not designed for to remember - except my wife and some other numens, an ability that will ever be a mystery to me…

Store, track, manage and of course fast find all your passwords, credit cards, serials et cetera.
Secure lock, enrypt and password-protect your data
- but please remember the password - without, no one will be able to restore your data!!!

· strongest openSSL/AES encryption availabe used
· automatically lock, clear clipboard (or by hand)
· create custom labels for categories
· custom icon for each category
· custom icons for each entry
· export database as single file
· much more…

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