Version: 2.5.6 || Release Date: 2008-01-20 || License: Shareware (10€) Developer: Tynsoe | App Owner: clement

BuddyPop lets you quickly access your Apple Address Book via a customizable shortcut.

It is small, light, and discrete... there is no icon in the Dock and you access it at any time.

With BuddyPop you can quickly find a contact, and drop him a mail, or copy address to pasteboard.

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3 Opinions

I love it because it is fast
simply fast a la quicksilver, but dedicated to contact

I don't understand why you need this tool, if you've got Launchbar. Launchbar does all that and MUCH MUCH more!

This is one of those simple add-ons that makes the built-in Address Book easy to access. The quick key is much faster than spotlight and it displays more detail. Like LaunchBar, it's one of those apps I can't work without.