Version: 6.2.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-14 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.95) Developer: Snowmint Creative Solutions | App Owner: kogg

A powerful money management system derived from the deceptively simple "envelope method" of household budgeting. Create a series of virtual envelopes, one for each expense or savings goal, then allot money to each. At a glance, know how much of this week's paycheck goes into rent, or if you can afford to treat yourself because all your bills are already covered.

Budget also includes support for managing your credit cards and investments, a budget planner, and other tools to help you analyze your spending and saving habits.

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2 Opinions

It takes a while to learn to switch methods if you've been doing it the quicken / spreadsheet way for a while. But once you do, it's incredible! It helps you not live paycheck to paycheck any more, and you budget on a monthly basis. I thought I had a budget before, but now I really do!

Great program, and very useful. Quicken lets you see what you spent, this program is designed to help you budget for what you NEED to spend.

The "envelope method" just rocks! After a short learning curve this software helps you before you spend your money. The approach it's completely different than the Quicken clones and it helped me to save a lot of money in few time.

Give it a try and it'll pay off very quickly.