Budgets Get Real

Version: 1.01.24 || Release Date: 2007-07-17 || License: Commercial with demo ($97 AUD) Developer: Informed Choices Pty Ltd | App Owner: bgr

Powerful money management software for home or small business. Save time & effort whilst increasing the accuracy of your budgets and expense tracking - Import information directly from your bank statements to track spending, income and your budget.

Easily manage your credit cards, track cash and minimize bank fees.

TRY IT OUT with our 60 day money back guarantee, or our free trial.

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It's true, the site doesn't look like the kind of site that a reputable and experienced software developer would establish.

And since you ask for feedback, here are some specifics...

First, it's very poorly designed – one long page to scroll through with too many variations to font and font-size, random use of colours and underlining, basically breaking all the rules of good graphic design and website presentation (looks like an amateur website from the earliest days of websites). Second, and this is related to the poor design, the information is badly organised, excessive in quantity, and it never seems to get to the point. Third, the language has a "they're trying too hard" impact on the reader.

I wouldn't necessarily assume it was a scam (many scams look very very professional) but it sure does look unprofessional, which makes me assume that the people behind the software aren't professional. I also don't expect the software interface to be well designed when the website is so poorly designed.

If you want your visitors to have confidence in your software offering, then the site has to look like a software site, not a hard-sell, excessively wordy, trying-too-hard amateur outfit that happens to have software that you can download somewhere on it.

Here's an example of something better - which I chose completely at random from a google search for mac finance software - not necessarily the best example, but at least it does look like it belongs in the world of mac software providers. Take a look:

Notice the key elements:
Clean design that fits the screen; very few words, it says in a sentence what it does; a few screenshot thumbnails right there to look at; a clear download link; a clearly visible support area - and this is where you can list your FAQs and provide more detailed information about how it works and what the benefits are; good use of clickable links. I'd consider trying that software; I wouldn't try yours.

And remember, don't push all those "benefits" so hard. The truth is, most of your visitors will already be well convinced of the benefits of managing their finances and of using finance software - that's why they're looking around at the options, including yours! What they want to know from you is not the list of benefits, but what your software does - i.e. what are its functional specifications - expressed in a clear, succinct way. If the software does what I'm looking for I'll try it out. But I don't want to read through screeds of "let me introduce myself" stuff on an ugly website to work that out.

PS. If you're following advice on how to present your product, it's pretty bad advice that doesn't work in the 21st century (if indeed it ever did). Did you ever hear of the saying, "show don't tell" - instead of trying to tell us how great you are by using a great many words, present the site in a way that shows or reveals how great you are.

i smell cheesy internet marketer - a warrior!

Firstly, we can assure you we are not a scam.
We appreciate the comment, and would like to understand this a bit better.

Is it the long copy? Is it that we have tried to clearly spell out the benefits? What is it that makes you believe this is a scam, because we assure you it is not.

On our marketing: We've been advised that to communicate our effort we should clearly outline the benefits, outline why we believe our product is so good, and clearly state our guarantee and our offer.

We would appreciate any insight that you could give us as to why you feel this, we simply want to improve the site. We don't accept that our marketing guys can't get it wrong! :)
We believe we have a worthy product and would appreciate any input.

jamesc, we DO offer a trial download of the software.
This is mentioned on several pages, including resources and a specific download page (the download is also linked to from i use this).

On the main page of the website however, we encourage people to buy the software, and offer them a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This allows them to try the software and it's bonuses out in full, with the security of knowing that they can get their money back if the product doesn't meet their needs/satisfaction.

If I may ask, what is it about our website that makes it look like a scam? How would this be improved?

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah. No trial download, site looks like a scam. I'm thinking "no".

I've found this to be really useful for keeping track of my finances. I especially like the fact that I can import directly from bank statements, that alone saves me lots of time and effort!

ditto. also, the interface looks counter-intuitive while the navigation bar bears a suspicious resemblance to the default one in windows explorer.

Wow, could you possibly build a site for this program that made it look more like a "get rich quick" scheme? Turned me right off.