BurnAgain DVD

Version: 1.2.2 || Release Date: 2007-12-27 || License: Shareware (USD 23) Developer: freeridecoding | App Owner: kitty

BurnAgain DVD lets you use your CDs almost like a harddisk. BurnAgain DVD simply adds files to CDR, CDRW and DVDRWs several times without creating multiple volumes and without erasing. If you burn items twice, BurnAgain will automatically analyze the differences and burn only new or changed files overwriting the previous versions if required.

You can change the title of your disk at each burn, BurnAgain DVD preserves HFS file attributes and still burns media in a format that is readable on Linux and Windows.

BurnAgain DVD supports resolving of aliases and Tigers "Burnable Folders"

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5 Opinions

so far this is the best app to do multisession for dvds and now with 1.2 you can use dvd-rw also instead of just dvd+rw. this is great. thanks to the developer!

just tried the app, didnt read the f.manual, clicked the 'hide already burned files' option...and lost all of my previous burned files....
any idea how to recover those?

Great for multisession CDR burning. Still no luck for DVDs, though.

Filling a gap in OSX's burning capabilities, and a great backup solution.

this is great software from a great programmer!!!