Burn Finance

Version: Beta || Release Date: 2007-04-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Blackhole Media | App Owner: alf

Burn is a simple expense tracker for your Mac (not to be confused with the open source optical media burner).

With Burn, you can track the cost of your road trip, figure out your weekly coffee bill, and ensure you don't exceed your monthly budget. Do your patriotic duty. Become an informed consumer!

Aqua Flavor
Looks, feels and smells like a real Mac OS X app.

Unlimited Undo
Make big mistakes with impunity.

Smart Table View
Sort by name, date, amount or category.

Printed Reports
Waste some paper
Save some money.

Handy Inspector
Modify dates with a graphical calendar.

Customizable Toolbar
No Mac OS X app would be complete without it.

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1 Opinion

"Do your patriotic duty." - WTF?

Aside from that, I think I'll give this a shot.