Version: 2.2.7 || Release Date: 2010-01-25 || License: Commercial with demo (19.95) Developer: http://www.busymac.com/about.html | App Owner: goatgotten

BusySync enables you to share iCal calendars with others on your local area network or over the internet. It does not require a dedicated server, and calendars may be password protected to allow read-only or read/write access.

BusySync must be running on each computer you wish to share calendars with. BusySync installs as a System Preference Pane and runs in the background keeping calendars in sync over the network. If you go offline, you can continue editing calendars, and when you reconnect to the network your changes will be synchronized with others.

The next version expected in February 2008 will sync with Google Calendar

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3 Opinions

The best thing about BusySync, other than it syncs without issue or burp, is that I never see it. It just works. Was an excellent find, and fix, after my upgrade to Snow Leopard. Excellent program to use if you just want your calendars to sync, without being a pest.

A bit uglier than Ical, In month view you have to put the mouse over an event to see hidden events. An easy way to overlook appointments. To do's can move from day to day if not completed, but don't work with Iphone. Would be nice if events floated from day to day as they would sycn with iphone. Address book sycn will make this a killer app.

Mmm ... it works fine indeed. But ... syncing 2 macs means buying 2 BusySyncs ... that's
$ 40,- ... to much I think!