Version: 4.1.9 || Release Date: 2010-06-28 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Many Tricks | App Owner: h3h

Butler's purpose is to make it easier for you to perform different — potentially recurring — tasks. Butler lets you arrange these tasks in its fully customizable configuration. You can use it to launch or control various apps with universal triggers and/or keyboard shortcuts.

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One word: Absalutly Brilliant! Oh, wait. That's who. Oh well.

Please, folks, realize that Butler is donationware. Yes, it's one of my must-have utilities, it's an essential. And it's donationware, please consider giving back a little bit to the developer, even if it's only a mere symbolic sign of your appreciation ... I'm sure he'll be happy and even more motivated to develop more wonderful stuff.

now we are all going to sing: "
Peter Maurer is our hero, created this up, cost zero!
Peter Maurer, he is our god! Lets record this to iPod!"

Come on, you are more creative than I am, aren't you?

Best. App. Ever.

I used Launchbar, then Butler, then Quicksilver and then I went back to Butler.
Clipboard-history, a major selling point.

Calling Butler a launcher doesn't do it justice. It is a fantastic app and I would recommend anyone to check it out. I donated and used it for a long time, although I now use QuickSilver, which has improved dramatically in terms of stability and does run a little faster on my machine. Having said that, Butler still offers more features and is probably the more complete all-round package. Try them both and see for yourself which best suits your needs.

Thay say it's always the butler that did it - and on my MacBook that's true as well. Butler does it all :)

This is a good launched with outstanding features, if your running Panther. If you have Tiger, or what ever the current Quicksilver build will run on, Quicksilver takes it in the launcher battle, though just by a hair. Growl support and a better actual launcher and this would be at the top.

Absolutely essential for all Mac users, I think. Quicksilver's without doubt more powerful and flexible, but I find that personally Butler's easier to use overall.

I use both this and QuickSilver for different tasks. Most of my main apps are bound to Butler hot keys or abbreviations, and I mostly use QuickSilver for adding notes to text files on the fly.

I got used to Butler's keyboard shortcuts for controlling iTunes early on, and have never seen a need for installing a separate app just to be an iTunes remote. Both Butler and QuickSIlver will do this and many more jobs with the greatest of ease.

Butler's arguably the easier of the two to figure out, but both are highly configurable and very powerful.

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