Version: 0.8.6 || Release Date: 2007-02-08 || License: Freeware App Owner: skyfex

ByteController is a small user interface utility for controlling iTunes. ByteController gives you three buttons in your menu bar: Previous Song, Next Song and Play/Pause.

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After I reinstalled Leopard, it doesn't seem to recognize Growl (it did before). I've reinstalled both, but it still doesn't appear in Growl's application list. Any clue what's up?

Small. Stable. Perfect.

Very nice, I love it :)

I love ByteController!
It's small and lightweight. The best part is the keyboard shortcut manager. I like Ctrl+Cmd+Spacebar for pause/play, Ctrl+Cmd+Left and +Right to go back and forth on the playlist, Ctrl+Cmd+Up and +Down to control volume. I barely need to touch iTunes or ByteController anymore. :)
The Growl notifications are nice too.

Thanks, updated :) You can also use the suggest version box.

iController does the same but with the added functionality of hotkeys as well as scrolling track & artist info in the menu bar (you can alter the font and colour of text too, to match your menubar)

Hover over the scroll to get the same rew/playpause/fww buttons as bytecontroller but with an added volume button too

iController didn't crash on my friends intel mac (and only uses 5Mb of RAM and 4% CPU when in full use so it's not a memory hog on my PPC G4 laptop), so hopefully it will be fine as an alternative if you can't use byteController (worth a go...).

Does the most important of what M-Beat does and is not a memory hog.

Great little app. Useful when multitasking and lots of windows open allows you to easily control itunes without actually bringing up the window.

While it was stable on PPC it constantly crashing on Intel machines.