Version: 2.4.0 || Release Date: 2010-09-02 || License: LGPL App Owner: bulletcatcher

Originally based on Atari's 1980 arcade game, Battle Zone capture Flag is an online multiplayer (and multiplatform) 3D tank game with chat. Although the game can vary widely from server to server, the basic idea is usually to shoot the tanks of another team's color. Modes such as "free for all," "capture the flag," and "hunt the rabbit" alter the objective of the game, and grab bag style flags help keep things interesting by providing a variety of power ups (good flags) and power downs (bad flags).

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4 Opinions

as of 20091224 the downloaded 2.0.10 release of this app shows as "2.0" in the Finder and in AppFresh

fun game, but it's too easy to change a few lines in the source code and cheat :)

Good for a laugh every now and then.

Now available as an unofficial x86 Intel Macintosh Binary

This is not a universal binary, and will only work on an Intel Mac. BZFlag 2.0.8