Version: 2.0.5 || Release Date: 2013-12-03 || License: Commercial with demo ($5.99) Developer: Curtis Hard | App Owner: bromr

Caffeinated is a beautiful Google Reader client that seamlessly syncs with your Google Reader account.

Caffeinated supports sending to your favourite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and also bookmarking / read it later services such as Instapaper and Read It Later.

Caffeinated also allows customisation of the reading view, you can create themes or modify existing ones for your viewing pleasure.

Some other features include:
- Plugin architecture for developers
- Find and subscribe to feeds
- Basic "resume", start off where you left off
- Basic click for flash
- Readability mode to see the full article
- Fully customisable shortcuts
- Subscription organisation
and much more.

Please note: There are a few issues with 10.6 and a build will be submitted to the App Store on the weekend of the 25th Feb to resolve these issues.

Also great developer support, any questions or bug reports please just email [email protected], i normally reply within a few hours or am on IM to instantly chat or help fix anything ( unless I'm asleep ).

Please note: Caffeinated requires a free Google Reader account to use ( linked from within the application login screen ). For more information please visit:

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