Cage Fighter

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2006-07-14 || License: GPL Developer: Code: Tristan O'Tierney, Graphics: Brett Lavalla | App Owner: chrisj

Can't stand's new look? This app is simple and sweet. Just choose how you want's new (hideous) interface to look. We've also added a Panther like titlebar, and the option to use Panther Icons.

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5 Opinions

Yeah I never understood why people didn't like the Mail interface under Tiger. I guess I just don't care about that stuff as much.

Tiger's Mail is the best looking and best functioning mail client Apple has ever made. And arguably the best mail client you can get for Mac OS.

Removing the pill background from the buttons does give it a look that matches many other applications, making this tool somewhat useful for those that want a little more consistency. Mac OS X isn't so much about interface consistency as it is interface style. And even though Mail changed things up a bit, it's still Mac-Style.

I think's current interface looks better than the previous releases. Dropping the window tray was a good move.

Some people are really crazy

I think the "after" look is more hideous if I must be blunt.