Version: 1.21 || Release Date: 2006-07-23 || License: Charityware Developer: James Rhoades | App Owner: robotspacer

Calculon is a handy calculator widget that runs under Dashboard in Mac OS X Tiger. It includes a 2 line display that lets you see what you're entering to be calculated, and features a choice of 10 different face colors.

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Calculon is far and away my favorite Mac calculator. Small, simple, and to the point. No silly number keys to click like all the other calculators out there (take a look down at your keyboard for a much more effective alternative if you find yourself missing them).

The display can be cleared by pressing the "C" key.

** Notes for the maintainer **
Homepage should be:

Download link should be:

I would also recommend adding a "widget" keyword.

5x more useful than the standard Apple-provided Calculator widget and takes up less screen space to boot.