CallVantage Dialer

Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2007-03-18 || License: BSD License Developer: nanovivid | App Owner: nanovivid

After getting CallVantage,I felt that the missing piece was the ability to dial numbers directly from my Mac. Of course, you can use the CallVantage website, but that's not nearly as nice as dialing from Address Book (or, even better, Quicksilver). CallVantage Dialer comes to the rescue by making this possible.

CallVantage Dialer can be used as an Address Book Plug-In, directly from the Script Menu, and via Quicksilver, LaunchBar, or whatever.

New in 1.5:

  • Updated for new CallVantage website. Username and password are now stored in the keychain.
  • Improved compatibility if Quicksilver and/or Growl are not installed.
  • Updated installer and uninstaller.

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