Calorie King

Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2007-06-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($45.00) App Owner: slimeyapple

*** this app is no longer offered by them. How sad -- now they have you join their (subscription $$) club and enter everything ONLINE. Sad, it is a great application. ***

Their description:
You can record everything you eat and the exercise you do using our huge food and exercise database, and then track your weight over time. Our personal profiling feature tells you exactly how many calories you need every day to lose, gain or maintain your ideal body weight.

I started using this app when my doctor called me with my (too high) cholesterol results. I want to avoid having to take a pill to bring the numbers down, so I downloaded this to "show them" that I do indeed "know how to eat healthy".

I think what shocked me the most was how fast the sodium adds up!

Now, I think the "BMI" index is "BS", because it doesn't account for whether or not the weight you enter is muscle or fat body mass. (according to BMI index, Brad Pitt is "OBESE").

*** You can get the software without the other options such as forum access and web food diary (blog?) posting.

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