Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2010-06-09 || License: Shareware ($19) Developer: danholt4mac | App Owner: danholt4mac

Easy to use nutrition tracking and analysis application for Mac OS X

Want to take care of your daily nutrition? Scared by ugly and hard to use nutrition applications? Calories to the rescue! Built with the user in mind, Calories lets you record and analyze your daily nutrition with ease. Download Calories and start recording your meals today.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Incorporates the USDA Food Database for Dietary Study 3.0
  • More than 6900 foods
  • 44 different nutrients
  • Reports for day, week, month and year

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2 Opinions

Nice. Great looking, straight forward app. I've been using this one for about a year now after trying about every other similar solution. Calories has been updated regularly over the past few weeks after stagnating at version 1.3 for a while. The current version is 1.5.

great application. good-looking and friendly and lightweight.