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Mozilla power, Mac style

Camino is an open source web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users.

The Camino Project has worked to create a browser that is as functional and elegant as the computers it runs on. The Camino web browser is powerful, secure, and ready to meet the needs of all users while remaining simple and elegant in its design.

Camino combines the awesome visual and behavioral experience that has been central to the Macintosh philosophy with the powerful web-browsing capabilities of the Gecko rendering engine.

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Printing a web page or saving to pdf often doesn't work properly: the first page is mostly empty, and the content is truncated (my test page contains a table with about 100 rows).
Actually, this very page also gets truncated when printed.
(Camino 1.5.5, Mac OS 10.4.11)

Using Camino (1.5.5) as primary browser, because I got tired of Safari's enormous RAM usage (v 3.0.4).
However, there's one thing quite annoying with Camino, that working great with Safari: the find in page function: while Safari 3 searches as you type, highlights the occurences and counts them, I find Camino very unreliable on this: even with 'wrap around' checked, it sometimes can't find a word that's on the page by searching forward (dialog box or G). (It works by searching backwards, though.)

Actually, to get close to full screen, there's Mega Zoomer you can run, but you can't hide the status bar. :)
Also, in case you wanted to watch galleries with Camino, note that it doesn't currently support embedded color profiles (compare Camino vs. Safari here and on this photo from a gallery).

It would be nice if it had a real full screen mode, eg: to play a flickr slideshow.
Apparently this feature has been dropped of the changes for 1.5.
To be fair, I can't get a full screen mode in Safari 2 or Firefox 2.
I'm glad Opera works on Mac OS, in full screen! :)

I've tried to go back to Safari recently after using Camino for a while & it just doesn't play as nice. Kinda sad that Apple doesn't make the best web-browser for the Mac. :S

1.5.4 now out...

I used to be a major Firefox supporter until I encountered Camino. No more crashes. No more fiddling with extensions to get it to work. No more bloat. Much faster. Need I say more? Camino is establishing itself as THE golden standard for Mac browsing. Highly recommended.

@ stellularx:

You could try Flying Meat's FlyGesture:

It's not as good as having mouse gestures built-in (like Opera) but hopefully it'll be good enough for you.

This browser is growing on me. Boy is it fast.

But I can't live without mouse gestures! Help?

It was the 1Password issue. I updated and now Camino will launch. Kind of sucks that I have to pay (for the upgrade to 1Password) in order to use Camino, though.

Frosthav, I'm on a G5 iMac.

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