Version: 2.1.2 || Release Date: 2012-03-14 || License: GPL Developer: The Camino Project | App Owner: stridey

Mozilla power, Mac style

Camino is an open source web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users.

The Camino Project has worked to create a browser that is as functional and elegant as the computers it runs on. The Camino web browser is powerful, secure, and ready to meet the needs of all users while remaining simple and elegant in its design.

Camino combines the awesome visual and behavioral experience that has been central to the Macintosh philosophy with the powerful web-browsing capabilities of the Gecko rendering engine.

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Well, looks are pretty subjective. In my opinion, Camino's unified theme looks considerably better than Safari's aging brushed metal appearance. And in terms of usability, I find it's just as good as Safari in that area. Although it most definitely isn't as extensible as Firefox, I find that's not necessarily needed. For some simple, solid browsing, Camino does the job quite well. Although, I still prefer Safari. :)

I recently migrated my operations to an ibook, and given I've been a firefox user for years, I just moved my stuff over and away it went. However, I found Camino to be a faster alternative, with a very similar interface to firefox. It doesn't have all the bells & whistles, but I've found Camino to be reliable, fast, and I have yet to find a page that doesn't work with it.

I used it for serveral months, but the lack of RSS capability, and the lack of add-ons compared with Firefox (which has over the recent mnor releases considerably improved its Mac performance) mean that I reverted to Firefox and now use Camino as an occasional backup when it is convenient to have two browsers running.

I used to love Camino, but it start to suck. It still has that huge font rendering problem with Japanese. If you change your default font settings for Japanese, Camino starts using random fonts for Japanese content which just happen to contain some chinese characters. That means that it mixes fonts for Chinese with fonts for Japanese, sometimes in the same line. Completely unusable.

I reported that problem when we were at version 0.8 or so, but still not fixed. That's a complete showstopper for me. Also compared to Safari its slower, and compared to OmniWeb 5.5 it's just molasses.

I keep trying other browsers and many have features that I like, but I also keep coming back to Camino. It is simple and gets the job done.

doesn't render as fast as safari (even with processor specific optimization...gecko is just slow), but is way better than firefox. it has too many great features I can't live without, especially with camitools installed, so its my default browser.

Processor-optimized build works great!
Rendering a page in lightening!

Much better than Firefox, and better at rendering some sites than Safari. Personally, I recommend using a processor-optimized build.

Less ugly than FireFox but still ugly. Still has memory leaks. Still can't replace Safari, for me.

Camino is much better than firefox... in that Camino acts and looks like an OS X application.

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