Version: 2.05 || Release Date: 2007-03-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Rothlis Widgets | App Owner: rothlis

Right from Dashboard, Canada411 widget gives you the opportunity to search for companies by name or category as well as for people by name, phone number or address, and this, everywhere in Canada. All is cleverly integrated into only one widget.

Requires 10.4+

The issue regarding the parse engine has now been resolved with v2.05.

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5 Opinions

Loved this, but no longer works for me on Leopard. Not sure why...

After installing Safari 3.0 this widget stopped working. Is this happening to anybody else?

Truly excellent - one of the most useful widgets I've used (address book integration, google mapping...!) merci Sébastien :-)

It had reverse phone lookup for whitepages. Concerning yellowpages, this feature is planned :)

Very nice widget.