Version: 0.7 || Release Date: 2009-04-20 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Ocean Road Software | App Owner: marcus

Canary is a Twitter client that is beautifully designed, fun to use and has everything you'll ever need.

Canary's user interface is slick and straightforward and without all that superfluous jazz that most other clients have, helps you do what matters most fast and easily. And it does more than you would expect it to.

You might think that this is an exaggeration, but have you seen any other twitter client that can point you to the right journal article or book when a friend posts a DOI or an ISBN?

Or one that supports eight URL shorteners and user credentials for each one of them?

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2 Opinions

Finally, a nice Twitter app that doesn't require Adobe Air!

Has some power behind it (easily switch accounts, filtering), but the UI is rather cluttered and inelegant. Advertises that it 'supports' eight URL shorteners - meaning it shortens them for you, but it does not resolve others' shortened URLs. Hopefully the UI will get an overhaul at some point, until then I'm sticking with Pwitter.