Version: 1.25 || Release Date: 2014-07-27 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: iospirit

An alternative driver for internal Apple® IR Receivers. Provides a global fix for Apple® Remote issues in 10.6/10.6.1/10.6.2.

Candelair is an alternative driver for the built-in IR receiver as found in many Mac®s today. It provides a clean, global fix for Apple® Remote issues many users are experiencing with third party applications under Snow Leopard releases 10.6, 10.6.1 and 10.6.2. It's based on Remote Buddy's driver and comes packaged in a preference pane that presents all remote control options at a glance. Candelair is a free download.

It's based on Remote Buddy's driver and comes packaged in a preference pane that presents all remote control options at a glance. Candelair is a free download.


  • Global fix for Apple® Remote IR Receiver locking issues - as seen under OS releases 10.6 and 10.6.1
  • Legacy Compatibility Mode - makes many applications that use outdated Apple® Remote code compatible with OS 10.6.2 (optional, can be enabled/disabled)
  • Pairing always available - remotes can be paired regardless of whether an application currently holds an exclusive lock on the IR Receiver
  • Powerful preference pane - dynamic, context-sensitive interface for installing and uninstalling the Candelair driver, pair remotes and more


A Mac® with a supported, built-in Apple® IR Receiver. Mac OS® X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7.

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Starting with Candelair 1.5, the diagnostics functionality is now part of Candelair and available right from the prefs pane.

P.S.: You can now also use the new Remote Control Diagnostics application to check your system for error sources:

As I said before, Candelair is - by pure logic - not capable of having such effects - even less though after your removed it.

Software that doesn't change any system files or settings and that is ONLY active for as it is loaded in the kernel simply can't have any effect after you removed it. It's theoretically, logically and practically impossible.

For your convenience, I've added a list of possible reasons for "Apple Remote does not work" scenarios with extensive explanations and solutions to Candelair's website at

Please work through them and - if the issue persists even though you followed it completely - file a support inquiry at .

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

same thing with me, remote worked before, now it doesn't, not even after uninstalling...

Heh....remote was working before install, then not after so make the call. All I can tell you is that's what happened.


What may give you the impression of your remote not working, but is ENTIRELY unrelated to Candelair:

1) the use of background helpers (f.ex.PlexHelper) to launch an application at a button press. These launchers need to grab exclusive access to your remote to provide their functionality. Side effect: no other application will receive any button presses. Solution: stop using the launcher option

2) you use an application that uses outdated Apple Remote code, all of which were broken by Apple's new driver in 10.6.2.

Solution 1: ask the developer to fix their app, f.ex. by adopting our free HID Remote class ( Wait for the updated version.

Solution 2: Install Candelair and enable Candelair's Leopard Compatibility Mode

3) you accidentally disabled your IR Receiver. Solution: Re-enable it at System Preferences > Security.

No need to reinstall OS X really.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz

@ digiangel:

Sorry, but this doesn't make sense. Candelair is not responsible for this.

Candelair is a clean driver. It's fully self-contained. It does NOT modify/patch/hack ANY file on your system.

You install it: it runs.
You uninstall it: it's gone. Completely gone. And your system is back to where it previously was.

In no way can Candelair have an effect as you describe. In fact, if - as you say - you still have the same issue after uninstalling Candelair, this only confirms that Candelair is NOT responsible for your problem.


After installing this app my Apple Remote will not work on my machine. Even uninstalling did not fix the issue. Tested the remote on a different mac and it ran fine. Ran on 10.6.2...I will now have to reinstall the OS to get it to work.

Snow Leopard basically turned the Apple remote into an iTunes / Front Row launcher. Hulu desktop and Aurora were two apps I use that were crippled by Snow Leopard in that using the remote within the apps also launched and/or started playing music in iTunes.

So glad this fix was released! Was pulling my hair out over this problem. Thanks so much IOSpirit for making this available for free!!