Version: 3.3.4 || Release Date: 2012-08-03 || License: Shareware ($29) App Owner: ifgedeon

CandyBar is the easiest, quickest and by far, the safest way to customize the icons found in the system and application toolbars of Mac OS X. CandyBar also lets you customize apps, folders, clipping icons, locations and even the OS X Trash icon!

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@tee_cee it does work with SL, awesome, thanks for the tip.

It does it the same kind of way as well, by replacing the actual system icon (which doesn't mess up the Finder sidebar) so it does provide an advantage over the "Get Info, Copy, Paste" technique without asking hefty sums of money (or indeed any!)

Definite tip to the developers though, I seem to be far from the only one who'd snap CandyBar up without hesitation if it was priced a little lower.

@ cloudane:
LiteIcon is free. But I'm not sure if it works with Snow Leopard.

At $15 or so I would've bought this, but blimey, $29 is taking the p155 a bit for something that changes a few icons.

Any cheaper alternatives?

shittiest piece of sofware. make it easy for yourself, dont use this.

Version 3.1.2 requires leopard, but version 2.6.1 compatible with tiger is still available here.
Note: when launching it for the first time, it will download a small update.

3.0 really is amazing. Interface is easy to use, and beautiful.

Maybe this used to be $13, but it's $30 now. Someone should change the price.

It's pretty sad that OS X's method of changing icons is so clumsy and non-user friendly that a piece of third-party shareware had to be written. OS X's shortcomings aren't the fault of Panic Inc, though. This is a well-written piece of software.

Cool app, and worth the money. It makes changing tons of icons, and manages them all very well.

Has anyone ever found a complete set of iContainer icons yet?
The only ones I've ever seen seem to miss a few in Tiger (namely the Burn and Smart folders).
I've looked at pixelgirl, iconfactory and interfacelift

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