Version: X || Release Date: 2006-07-21 || License: Commercial with demo ($349) Developer: acdsee | App Owner: hadmack

Full drawing program for illustrations. Vector drawing, mechanical design, etc.

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Canvas is now officially dead for the Mac.

"While we will not be incrementally releasing new versions of Canvas for the Mac platform, our R&D department is exploring opportunities to develop new cross-platform products that support and streamline our users’ workflow."

Mark Franklin
Executive Vice President
ACD Systems

Maybe now a privatisation plan is in place Canvas may have a future. I designed a website with it on the weekend (for the first time). It may be buggy and not as graceful as Illustrator, but it's certainly a powerful beast capable of some pretty advanced techniques.

I'm worried about the lack of updates and dominance of minor Windows programmes on ACDSee's website. The forums are full of people will bug problems that aren't being addressed. That said I built a storyboard using canvas's drawing tools and multiple pages very quickly. I would need both Illustrator and Indesign to do that or buy a multipage plugin for Illustrator (expensive options).

Has anyone tried canvas with an Intel mac?

I was excited by the prospect, but afte rreading about Canvas it seems the rot set in when ACDSee bought it.

Downloaded the trial and had a play today. I'm seriously inpressed. I've been considering an alternative to Illustrator for a while (which I use at work) because of the cost. This might be it. Loads of features, precise point control, web slicing and basic 3D shape tools included. My only put off was the size of the palattes (Illustrator sure packs a lot of options into small spaces), but they are dockable across the top of the screen as tabs, very handy.