Captain FTP

Version: 6.5 || Release Date: 2011-10-10 || License: Shareware ($29) Developer: Xnet Communications | App Owner: xnet_dev_team

Powerful, secure, user-friendly FTP Client to automatically transfer and backup your data. Includes Transfer Manager/synchronization with Scheduling.
Simple navigation with Quick Connect, drag&drop, Virtual folders, Growl, WebDAV, Aliases, and built-in internal viewers for movie, picture, sound and PDF.
Comprehensive functionality with Transfer Manager, scheduled accelerated transfers, resuming, auto-reconnect, synchronization, Applescripts, file privileges, and remote file editing.

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Many of our instructors are switching from Windows to Mac, and finding the perfect FTP client is essential for both lab use and for teaching students how to use equipment that requires FTP connectivity. CaptainFTP is the most intuitive, clean, and simple FTP client for a Mac that I've been able to find. It's clearly better than the best Windows FTP client I've ever used, and at its current price, it's a great value. Highly recommended!

I was using fugu as my ftp client for some time, but it was taking forever to upload and save files as of recent. Occasionally I lose would modifications. I hate the jumping fish!! I started using Captain ftp free trial and was very pleased with the speed and many custom features. I am a researcher who frequently works on projects with colleagues and we can all connect to each others homes with multiple servers and quickly transfer and share our work quickly and easily. I recommend Captain ftp for your research needs.

I had been using fugu as my ftp client for some time. I started to look for something better and more reliable. I looked at other clients like fetch and cyberduck, but was not satisfied. Then I tried captain ftp. I will never go back to any of the others. The UI is great and easy to use. I love how I can configure this program to do exactly what I want. No more having to command-click to edit a file like in fugu. Now I can just double click and up pops my editing window. Captain ftp transfers files like a champ. I don't have to worry about whether the file actually got transferred like I had to with other clients. I can connect to multiple servers at once and transfer files directly between them. It is great. If you want a great ftp client for mac with lots of capabilities, Captain FTP is the solution for you.

Clean, simple interface, solidly reliable, works like a charm. Recommended.

really good and ease to use application! so much FTP apps out there - and only some like captainFTP are compatible to different servers and protocols. using captain FTP with crowznest as FTP forward to send multiple pictures to several media clients when out of office. you really get feedback and solutions back!

One of the best ftp clients for OS X! Captain FTP has all the features you could possibly need! FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Server to Server transfers everything in one package, not to mention the great GUI and usability. With tabs you can easily connect several servers and copy your files. Also Captain FTP is as far as I know the only ftp client for OS X that supports PRET. The best feature and the main reason I'm using Captain FTP is folder synchronization. With this feature I can easily synchronize my school documents between our school servers and my laptop.

I use Captain FTP when to fetch the worksheets from my shool or when I need to upload my "homework" back. Sometimes I send larger videos I created to present my homework, so its' a musthave that the FTP Client supports a resume function on a reliable level, so does Captain FTP! For file transfer in my home LAN I used ForkLift, but it has not quite the possibilities Captain FTP has! Aaand it looks nice, like a mac app should look like! Thumbs UP! guys, good job! Excuse my English, it's still shool English ;)

If you look for just an ftp program, captain Ftp can suit to your need.
If you look for the best ftp program, here you are : Captain Ftp is simple, efficient and just ready for beginners and experienced users. I can only recommend this program for all the functionalities and the interface.
C'est vraiment le client ftp à utiliser sur mac, efficace, rapide, pro.
Captain Ftp is the best ftp on MacOSX and the greatest i have ever used.

I have been using Captain FTP in conjunction with Ga Virtual On-line school. I often have to post PDFs that are bigger than the size requested; so I upload with Captain FTP, and submit the link! This works great!!!

An excellent product and excellent service. I previously used "Fetch" for a long time (at least 10 years), Captain FTP is a lot easier to use (intuitively and functionally). I sometimes have to use Captain FTP to login to tens of accounts daily, it has never been
an issue (the same can't be said for CyberDuck, which I tried briefly on a recommendation ... and then found Captain FTP). This software publisher also seems to be in tune with Mac OS X upgrades. I consider Captain FTP to have been a good investment.


Barry Coutts, PMP

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