Carbon Copy Cloner

Version: 3.5.3 || Release Date: 2013-10-22 || License: Freeware App Owner: arne

Have you ever wanted a simple, complete, bootable backup of your hard drive? Have you ever wanted to upgrade to a larger hard drive with minimal hassle and without reinstalling your OS and all of your applications? Have you ever wanted to move your entire Mac OS X installation to a new computer? Then CCC is the tool for you! CCC makes these tasks simple by harnessing the Unix power built into Mac OS X.

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This is all I use for tech work. Tried SuperDuper! and hated it. The best cloning app for Mac, hands down.

I was once a big pusher of CCC, and used it for backups regularly. Today I used CCC to copy a smaller external to a larger external HD, and when I returned neither the original disk nor the new one were recognizable by my computer. Why it was necessary to alter the disk being read to copy from it, I don't know. I hope I can recover my files.

Note: running 10.6.2 and CCC 3.3

Release 3.2.1 now claims Leopard support.

I used to suggest this app to everyone who'd listen, I even gave them money :)

Sadly with Leopard it has ceased working, giving be a not too helpful error -51. A visit to the forums was of little help, suggesting I erase my backup and clone again . . which then left me without a backup at all :/ And I'd mirror the impression that dancingbrook said about Andreas's help.

I used this product for about two years with great success. Then, when Bombich failed to keep CCC updated with Leopard, I switched to SuperDuper, which is what I use now. CCC is a great product, and it appears to be tested now with Leopard, but I've had great success with SuperDuper and will be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

Very handy, became indispensible when my Powerbook HD started to die. I had a carbon copy on my Firewire drive, and was able to boot right backup and get back to work.

Warning, if you are considering using this application, beware of two things:

1) There is a list of caveats that the support folks suggest to follow, but you don't see until you go looking for them in the right places. In other words, if you just go ahead and clone following the basic directions, and then discover you have a problem, and then search for answers, you will be "treated" to a list of things you should have known you should have known before doing anything so stupid as to try to use Carbon Copy Clone.

2) In the support forums, if you ask any stupid questions, or have other problems that display your ignorance, you will be treated to the tag-team of "Andreas" and "Baltwo" who seem to think treating dumb users by expressing and displaying the mentality of a pair of WWE (used to be WWF) performers, including encouraging the same rude behavior from the audience, is the best way to deal with some users. Real "Pros" they are; kinda sorta like those other "Pros".

Consider SuperDuper.

This is still not yet ready for primetime. There are some problems with mounting and unmounting of devices or with device id missmatch, although the id is ok. It's still pretty slow and looks like some more work has to be done to get it ready. But looks promising

This new version (3.0b4) is Universal Binary.

Good utility. Sadly gives me an "AppleScript Exception" error when trying to back up my Powerbook running 10.4.8.

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