Version: 7.0 || Release Date: 2008-05-22 || License: Shareware (Unknown) Developer: Stéphane Nicolet & Bruno Causse | App Owner: norzzron

Play Othello against the computer. Review and analyze games. Browse through the WThor database for instant access to 90000 tournament games.

Cassio is a powerful, simple, fast othello (aka Reversi) board for Mac OS X. Like so many world champions, use a Mac to play Othello!

Features of Cassio include:
* A simple, fast user interface
* A strong Othello playing engine
* Perfect for beginners or serious players
* Opens, edits and saves standard SGF files
* Efficiently handles large collections of games such as the WThor database
* Ability to type transcripts, and to import games from numerous formats
* Browser for WZebra opening book
* Superfast endgame module, using multiple processors if available
* Retrograde analysis of games
* Built-in collection of Othello puzzles
* Nice 2D or 3D graphics
* Resizeable board
* ... in a native, 100% Carbon, Pascal application ;-)

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NB: not universal binary yet, and about 109 MB when installed.

From the FAQ:
How strong is the program?
Very strong. I know what I mean : I've been vice world-champion in 1996, and the program consistently beats me. In fact, I have been refining Cassio's othello engine for more than 10 years now, using the best artificial intelligence techniques known to me. The program has won several tournaments (both human vs. computer and computer vs. computer tournaments), and is competitive with the top programs running on PC and UNIX platforms.