Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2009-11-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Jim Fowler | App Owner: flu

Does your cat type on your keyboard? Use CatNip, which locks your keyboard whenever it detects cat-like typing.

CatNip detects “cat-like typing” and locks the keyboard, usually in under a half second. Optionally, CatNip will fade your desktop and display a warning message to your cat (which is of dubious value, since if your cat can read, your cat can probably type, too).

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@alex_yorke something like this couldn't happen accidentally in a program only with intent
but you are free to check their source code at

Great idea, but it has to be a keylogger to detect a cat walking across your keyboard. Quite tempting for a click to send all of the keystrokes to their office. Not saying this is true but it could accidently happen :S

How about letting the user change the font and the text that is displayed? :)

Great idea! Just what I needed