Version: 5.1.3 || Release Date: 2013-10-29 || License: Shareware (18.00 U.S.) Developer: Bruji | App Owner: farranco

CDpedia is a CD cataloging application.

Even though this is the age of digital downloads, it doesn't mean CDs have gone the way of the betamax. But how are you to organize and keep track of your CD collection? Let CDpedia give you a hand: it retrieves information about your CDs automatically from the Internet, lets you organize the entries into collections and integrates with iTunes to let you know which CDs or single songs you have imported already.

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Barcode scanning works well, it's got a bit of trouble on the 2009 iMac with a very long focus. But please do try the program, the trail version is fully functional.

does your barcode-scanning work?

Echoing both the previous comments... Bought DL1, realized it was a mistake fairly quickly, hoped that maybe DL2 would actually be an improvement... Well it wasn't, but purchasing the 'Pedias instead sure was!

This is the same thing I said about DVDPedia, but it's just as relevant here. Bought Delicious Library first, but this program is so much faster, better designed, and more powerful, I had to spend the money again to pick it up.

not sure why Delicious Library is always thought of before CDpedia...DL is strictly eye candy while CDpedia is a much more powerful and flexible tool for organizing large music collections. And at $18 it's an absolute steal. The best software of it's kind for the Mac by far!