Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-06-03 || License: Freeware App Owner: jasethehack

Celtx is Pre-Production software for film, video, theatre, and animation. Use Celtx to write and format a script, plan locations, wardrobe, actors and props, special effects and schedules. You can share calanders, add rich media like storyboards and video files, and print out dialog and call sheets. Celtx can help you envision, manage and execute any production from intial idea to final print.

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4 Opinions

One of the considerably better screenwriting apps and even considerably free-er... Awesome

Really solid, better than what most people use (eh, Word). Feature-rich, and (like most software of this sort) is much more suited to screenwriters than playwrights.

Not perfect yet, but I'm optimistic. Give it a try! _

I use Celtx almost daily -- the developers aggressively squash bugs and it's definitely a worthy contender if you aren't being forced by industry collaborators to use Final Draft.

Current version is .996 and it's MUCH better than the year-ago version commented on below.

i really, really like this app. in fact, i tried to make the switch from final draft. even struggled through a big collaborative project in it. i love the open-sourcedness for one thing. but in putting in all of these wonderful pre-pro features... they spent too little time on the actual writing & formatting part or the process. i found script writing to be tedious, sometimes painful, and copy/paste to be utterly unpredictable. i hear they've ironed out some bugs in the latest but i've only peeked, but i still feel like i'm walking on a balance beam when i use it. so i'm still tethered to final draft... for now.