Version: 0.6.2 || Release Date: 2007-07-31 || License: Freeware App Owner: bacromwell

CenterStage is the Media Center Application that allows you to use the digital content stored on your Apple Macintosh computer & play it in a more comfortable enviroment such as your living room using any standard Televison set. What's more accompanying CenterStage is our sister application BackStage.

BackStage is used to organise and catalogue your Movies all in one neat interface that supports and adds more to the CenterStage Media Center experience.

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2 Opinions

An impressive and very promising project.

I suggest a "front row" tag

I tried this app when looking for a FrontRow-like that was more efficient than Apple's offering. I found CenterStage and tried it at two different points. First, when you had to compile it, which consumed over a gig. Second when it was available as a binary. I love the BackStage concept, but it's too buggy to be useful right now. CenterStage is plenty stable, but no more efficient than FrontRow, perhaps even less efficient.

With more development, and perhaps switching the core player to VLC or (even better) MPlayer would improve this program, but until then, it's not ready for use (by me, at least).