Version: 2.0b106 || Release Date: 2009-10-15 || License: Shareware ($40.00) Developer: Alvarez, Wells, Wronski | App Owner: ampersam

Fun and easy to use money manager.

Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, done Mac OS X style. A tag based database lets you organize and search for your incoming and outgoing transactions your way. With Cha-Ching, you can also organize pending transactions, so you can keep track of the the cash you owe the electric company as well as the cash others might owe you–and with iCal integration, you'll never forget a payment. Cha-Ching also offers fun little doodads you may have not expected–you can keep a photo inventory of your purchased items for insurance and tax purposes, or just for fun. There is also iSight integration to take pictures of your goods for insurance or tax purposes. You can create "Smart Drawers" to filter through your library of transactions by title, keywords, amount and more.

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If you have data stuck in this old app you can get it out. If you make a backup then show contents of the package there is a file which is a sql-lite database. You have to write some queries but you can read your data out of into a CSV format. I then managed to get my accounts into iFinance after a bit of massaging of dates in Excel.

This app is dead. The Cha-Ching homepage now takes you to a landing page that suggests you use Quicken or Mint.

This app was bought by Intuit (owner of Quicken and Mint). After many (many!) months without updates let's hope to see some Quicken stability with a better UI (from Cha-Ching).

I would love to try it. But unfortunately it does not support csv import.

I am using the beta 2. This is supposed to be closed ALPHA because of constant crashes. A guide/manual will come with the non-beta release.
Probably the best thing to do is test Cha-ching and all alternatives and see which one you prefer.

The beta 2.0 is really nice improvement, but but but! I want multi currency support :-( . K mon!

I'm a big fan of, and found it hard to transition to a non-web-based app. But, when I'm offline, something has to be used, and that something is Cha-Ching. It does most of what I want and looks pretty (honestly, the look of an app is 70% of why I support it). I too got this from MacHeist! & I'm not selling my license! (:

I was an early adopter as well and expected a slightly quicker development pace as the app has potential. I have two licenses for Cha Ching that I am looking to sell (one early license and another license as a MacHeist purchase - both will qualify for v. 2.0). I am not running Leopard, so I will not be able to use 2.0 when it comes out, plus I am a starving student with no money to keep track of.

Looking to sell both of my licenses. $10 for the first person to respond, $15 for the second person to respond - both good deals.

Respond here with your email or email me: [email protected]

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