Version: 2.0b106 || Release Date: 2009-10-15 || License: Shareware ($40.00) Developer: Alvarez, Wells, Wronski | App Owner: ampersam

Fun and easy to use money manager.

Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, done Mac OS X style. A tag based database lets you organize and search for your incoming and outgoing transactions your way. With Cha-Ching, you can also organize pending transactions, so you can keep track of the the cash you owe the electric company as well as the cash others might owe you–and with iCal integration, you'll never forget a payment. Cha-Ching also offers fun little doodads you may have not expected–you can keep a photo inventory of your purchased items for insurance and tax purposes, or just for fun. There is also iSight integration to take pictures of your goods for insurance or tax purposes. You can create "Smart Drawers" to filter through your library of transactions by title, keywords, amount and more.

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I got this as part of the last MacHeist bundle so I gave it a try... thumbs down. Very counter intuitive, lacking in features, no even simple "get started" guide. Pretty much crap. Tried out IBank which I am now LOVING.

I suggest everyone try it. It's not for everyone!

That said: I absolutely love the tagging/smart folders approach to managing money. It's the money management tool for the Web 2.0 generation.

It's a fun, smart, and usable app. I am currently managing 3 credit cards, 1 savings account and 2 checking accounts with this thing.

disclaimer: it does take a little bit of time to wrap your head around how it works, it's similar enough to a checkbook that you can dive right in but its different enough that you are going to want to poke around and get creative with it.

Cha-Ching does allow transfers between accounts.

Cons: No running total, this is annoying. Lack of reporting graphs. While this is partially offset by smart folders, it still needs more reporting options.
It also doesn't have auto matching with downloaded files, or rules to allow you to modify the transaction names or tags automatically.
I don't consider not having auto downloading from bank websites a con because most non-Quicken applications don't have it. I wouldn't expect a 1.x or even low 2.x version to incorporate this.
Pro's: Cha-Ching's tag implementation is much more versatile than categories, and with smart folders is very powerful, and to me is it's greatest feature.
Looks and useability, simple and easy to use, a lot of the kinks in the earlier versions have been smoothed out.

All in all, I use this because of it's tagging capability. It's a 1.x application right now, and this shows in some areas. However, what it does, it does do, it does very well. If you can work around some of it's 1.x shortcomings until they are dealt with in later versions, you'll find a very useful personal finance application, with very powerful search and grouping features.

This program is total crap. Unstable, lacking some VERY basic features. Transfers between accounts? Nope.
A running total balance column? Nope.
Here's a money management tip: save $40 right now by leaving Cha-Ching alone.

I run Microsoft Money via Paralles Desktop. Is this thing better?

If only they took as much time making the program stable as they too designing the interface. I would LIKE to use this program (because it's well designed visually and simple) but I'll never buy it unless the MAJOR flaws are worked out.

Not impressed yet with the latest version. It did import some of my Quicken data, after a couple of attempts, one of which crashed the app with subsequent loss of data. having got several years of transactions into it, it just became almost too slow to use.

The payment to and from uses your address book, so unless you have all the people you buy from (the supermarket?) in there you will be frustrated no end by the autocomplete.

Importing from quicken puts payee into title and deleting a withdrawal transfer from one account leaves the deposit transfer in the other account, thus screwing your balances.

I still can't seriously use this.

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I didn't like 1.0, or the way the Cha-Ching people treated their early adopters, and now there's I switched immediately. Anyone want to buy my Cha-Ching license for 15 dollars?

I had problems importing .qif files, it just crashes

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