Version: 2.0b106 || Release Date: 2009-10-15 || License: Shareware ($40.00) Developer: Alvarez, Wells, Wronski | App Owner: ampersam

Fun and easy to use money manager.

Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, done Mac OS X style. A tag based database lets you organize and search for your incoming and outgoing transactions your way. With Cha-Ching, you can also organize pending transactions, so you can keep track of the the cash you owe the electric company as well as the cash others might owe you–and with iCal integration, you'll never forget a payment. Cha-Ching also offers fun little doodads you may have not expected–you can keep a photo inventory of your purchased items for insurance and tax purposes, or just for fun. There is also iSight integration to take pictures of your goods for insurance or tax purposes. You can create "Smart Drawers" to filter through your library of transactions by title, keywords, amount and more.

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Completely unacceptable for an app priced at $40. I'm becoming more and more dissapointed with Mac financial apps every day. I'm beginning to pick up books to learn how to program and perhaps make something better than what is out there right now.

Like others, I was surprised and disappointed to find that Cha-Ching didn't provide any kind of linkage to my online banking account. Inexplicably, TUAW has raved about this app . . . my experience after purchase hasn't been anywhere near as rosy. Most disappointing of all is the website, an empty facade with nothing there for users, no manual, and no documentation.

The much-hyped 1.0 version is now out, and it is worthless. A joke, at the users' expense.

Got a free serial from MacHeist. It suffers from too much gold plating and not enough robustness. Yes it's a beta, but people are paying for it so in my mind the developers should prioritize the essentials. It is quite pretty though!

Note that it DOES NOT ENCRYPT YOUR DATA. It stores it in a plaintext XML file in Application Support!
I hacked together a system to store the data on an encrypted DMG that is mounted to Application Support. If you have an encryption utility you might want to use that instead.
See this thread for more info:

I'm actually pretty happy with Cashbox right now- my encryption contraption works for it as well.

I kind of agree with the comment about eye-candy. There is now partial integration with banking websites in that you can surf onto the site within the program, however, you still have to manually sign into the site and click download the correct file(s). I wish it could do that for me! There's certainly room for improvement in the budget/tagging/report features as well. I hope for improvement in the next couple of releases. Save your money, don't pay for the beta. Trial it first. You'll see what I mean.

gorgeous. if you need to manage your own money (who doesn't?) and are looking for something cocoa-licious, this is worth a look. it is in BETA, so there are bound to be crashes or whatever. I bought it anyway cause future upgrades are free, the forums are lively, and the UI and security kick ass.

Purchased last night, and so far I love it. I have a few complaints regarding the qif file format importing, but that's largely due there being no actual standard for it. I'm not a coder, but I hope that's something they can write around.

cha-junk. It won't even launch on my 1Ghz Powerbook which is running 10.4.8

If this app could be transmogrified over to Swedish with all what that implies, life would be a bit easier. (I.e. I don't have to boot Parallells to run SPCS any more.)

I love this program so much! I don't care what people say about its "shortcomings," because it is beta and therefore it is being improved.

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