Version: 2.0b106 || Release Date: 2009-10-15 || License: Shareware ($40.00) Developer: Alvarez, Wells, Wronski | App Owner: ampersam

Fun and easy to use money manager.

Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, done Mac OS X style. A tag based database lets you organize and search for your incoming and outgoing transactions your way. With Cha-Ching, you can also organize pending transactions, so you can keep track of the the cash you owe the electric company as well as the cash others might owe you–and with iCal integration, you'll never forget a payment. Cha-Ching also offers fun little doodads you may have not expected–you can keep a photo inventory of your purchased items for insurance and tax purposes, or just for fun. There is also iSight integration to take pictures of your goods for insurance or tax purposes. You can create "Smart Drawers" to filter through your library of transactions by title, keywords, amount and more.

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At this point it's another one of those eye-candy over substance apps (think Disco). It's pretty but has so many shortcomings that it's mostly unusable. Couple that with no documentation and you get a nothing app. I can't believe people pay for beta's anyway and I'm dang glad I got this for free (MacHeist). It's supposed to be this fun and simple to use program but I find it so unintuitive it's frustrating.

I'll check back when it gets closer to 1.0.

enjourni, the developer's blog states that the next release will definitely support QIF imports. Given that Cha-Ching is only at version 0.4 right now and each release has had substantial improvements, I wouldn't disregard it before it comes out of beta.

I don't understand how a financial tracking program can be even remotely useful without a way to sync with what's in your bank account. So unfortunately, I will probably ignore this program.

I absolutely loathed this application when it was at 0.3, but now, at 0.4, the difference is like night and day.

I have it, but I don't find it any useful.

Fun little application... makes managing money and transaction fun! Lots of bugs though... can't wait for an update! I bought it also to support the developers.

A promising start to a complete reversal of mundane and sterile finance handling.

After playing with the application and leveraging the power of keywords (a.k.a. tags) and smart drawers, I have—in very little—time created the ability for multiple accounts, statement reconciliation, and budgeting. Some of these features are forthcoming from the developers, such as a mutiple accounts—according to a blogger that has spoken with "A Midnight App's" lead. For now though, I can only wonder at how it will grow and what v1.0 will bring.

I gladly paid to watch this app grow and give an early helping hand to this talented group of designers/developers.

I will continue to experiment, and already find it very usable regardless of some noticeable bugs. Remember, this IS a beta release. I eagerly await new releases! The fun of finance is back... or rather... is finally here. ;)

I'm sure the pre-release price will last at least a little while longer, so I'm waiting to see how it progresses through the beta stages. It's already very impressive, but with a few stability issues, particularly adding and removing pending actions.

I bought it already... Beautiful. I've been looking for a cashbox alternative.

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